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General Terms and Conditions

These "General Terms and Conditions" regulate the use of the Service Provider's accommodation and services. 

According to the General Terms and Conditions, Csillagom Vendégház Zebegény (2627 Zebegény, Szegfű u. 13.) is hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider, concluding an accommodation contract with the person using the accommodation service, hereinafter referred to as the Contracting Party.

Service provider details
Csillagom Guesthouse Zebegény
2627 Zebegény, Szegfű u. 13., hrsz: 2155
Tax number: 67645550-1-33
Bank account number: OTP, 11773133-11237394
Contact person: Csilla Csilla
Phone: +36 30 6315902


Contracting parties
Guest: The user of the accommodation service who, through the accommodation reservation systems (,, or the accommodation's website:, or at the Service Provider at the e-mail address purchases a service in writing, who acknowledges the GTC and accepts it as binding on himself, the  hereinafter referred to as "Guest".

Service provider: Csillagom Vendégház accommodation service provider,  hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider.

1. Purpose of the General Terms and Conditions
The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) contain the general terms and conditions of the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Guest entering into a contractual relationship with it. Regarding issues not regulated here, the activities of the Service Provider
  the current Hungarian legislation and official regulations apply  and the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply without special stipulation.

2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the Guest is a precondition for using the service. It is considered acceptance of the Terms and Conditions if the Guest uses the service provided by the Service Provider.

3. Scope of Terms and Conditions
Service Provider reserves the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions in whole or in part at any time. The GTC remains in force as long as the Service Provider provides the service. These GTC are valid from August 20, 2021, for an indefinite period.

4. Territorial scope of the service
Service provider operated domestically and
  also from abroad  available.


5. Contractual concepts
Guest: A person using the accommodation service, purchasing a service through the accommodation reservation systems and the website, who completes the GTC
  acknowledges and accepts as binding on itself,  hereinafter referred to as "Guest"

Service provider: according to the terms of these GTC, Csillagom Vendégház (2627  Zebegény, Carnation  u. 13), hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider

Form of service: accommodation service,

Quotation: Sent to the Advertising Service orally or in writing, upon request  written quotation.

Reservation, reservation advance: A written confirmation of the Guest's reservation submitted by the Service Provider, which includes the subject, place, duration and price of the service, as well as the method of payment of the reservation advance (50% of the total accommodation cost) required to finalize the reservation.  relevant data.

Booking finalization, validation: Payment of the booking deposit specified in the booking in order to secure the booking. The Reservation is created after the payment of 50% of the total accommodation cost and thus qualifies as a Contract concluded in writing, which is also  means the automatic acceptance of the GTC and the Booking and Cancellation Conditions.

Terms of payment and cancellation: Determining the conditions for the payment of the service provided by Csillagom Vendégház, the method and schedule of booking and payment, the case of cancellation of the reservation and the non-refundable amount in case of cancellation.

Territorial scope of the service: The area of use of the service operated by the Service Provider.  

6. The Service Provider provides the service according to the following conditions
6.1. The Guesthouse has 2 rooms. The rooms can accommodate 2 + 2 people and can accommodate up to 4 people. If more than 2 guests arrive, a pull-out guest bed can be requested. We can provide a folding travel cot for small children under the age of three.
6.2. Service provider is not in the Guesthouse. The Guest, as a Contracting Party, Zebegény, Szegfű u. Guesthouse No. 13, living-dining room, terrace with garden furniture and landscaped yard, swimming pool, parking lot, for accommodation, at your own risk
6.3. The Service Provider does everything possible to ensure the safety of its Guests, draws their attention to possible sources of danger; however, it shall not be liable for personal property in the house or in the free car park, as well as for personal injuries or damage to the house resulting from improper use of the house and its surroundings. The Guest shall be liable for damages caused during the stay in the Guesthouse, in the house, its equipment and its surroundings.
6.4. In case of a problem related to the service, the Service Provider can be reached at the telephone number or e-mail address provided in these GTC. Post-departure complaints will not be accepted.

7. Request for quotation or booking process
7.1. Upon the request for quotation sent orally or in writing by the Guest, the Service Provider will send a written quotation. The price offer can be modified by mutual agreement. In the absence of a response to the quote, the quote will be canceled after a grace period of 3 days.
7.2. The reservation is made with the written confirmation of the Guest's reservation sent by the Service Provider, after the payment of 50% of the total accommodation cost,
  constitutes a written contract,  it also means the acceptance of the Booking and Cancellation Conditions and the GTC. 
7.3. An oral reservation, agreement, modification or its verbal confirmation by the Service Provider is not of contract value.
7.4. The content of the Agreement covers the subject, place, duration, price of the service, as well as the Booking and Cancellation Conditions and the GTC.
7.5. A written agreement of the Parties is required to amend or supplement the Agreement. It is possible to transfer a finalized and confirmed reservation to another date or to change the number of staff depending on available capacity.
7.6. Service Provider's advertised prices for the Guesthouse ( - unless you have an obligation for a certain period
  is free to change without prior notice.
7.7. The price is always a gross price, which includes VAT, but does not include tourist tax, which
  To be paid over 18 years, unit price: 400 HUF / person / night. The Service Provider may charge a surcharge for the additional services of the Guest, with the prior notification of the Guest.
7.8. The guesthouse operator shall not be liable or liable for the mediated services (active rest) advertised on the website and in other places (for accidents and damages occurring during these services). The Guest uses the advertised services at his own risk.
7.9. It is not possible to refund in cash the services (accommodation, mediated services) that have been booked but have not been used or modified during the Guest's stay at the accommodation.
7.10. The contract for the use of the accommodation service is for a specified period.
7.11. If the Guest leaves the house permanently before the expiry of the specified period, the Service Provider is entitled to the full consideration for the service stipulated in the Contract. The Service Provider may resell the house vacated before the expiration date.
7.12. The prior consent of the Service Provider is required for the extension of the use of the accommodation service initiated by the Guest. In this case, the Service Provider may stipulate the reimbursement of the fee for the service already performed.

8. Terms of use
8.1. The guest can use the accommodation by check-in from 15:00 until 19:00 on the day of use. Check-out until 10:00 on the last day of stay. By prior arrangement, the check-out date can be extended; In case of an extension exceeding + 1 hour, HUF 2,000 / hour must be paid.
8.2. Upon arrival at the accommodation, the Guest is obliged to prove his / her identity in accordance with the applicable legislation before occupying the accommodation. By completing and signing the application, the guest accepts the General Terms and Conditions of the accommodation and the House Rules posted on the accommodation.
8.3. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages resulting from the fault of the Guest. The costs of damage are provided by the Service Provider
  charged to the Guest.
8.4. For hygienic reasons and in view of the growing number of people with allergies, pets are not allowed. The guest's Service Provider shall be liable for any injuries or damage caused by pets imported without a permit.
8.5. Smoking is not allowed in the house.


9. Refusal to use accommodation, termination of the contract
The Accommodation Provider is entitled to terminate the contract and refuse to provide the service if the Guest
9.1. non-performance payment obligation,
9.2. use the accommodation for other purposes,
9.3. suffers from an infectious disease
9.4. under the influence of drugs
9.5. shows unacceptable, immoral, violent, incompatible behavior in the house and its surroundings,
9.6. in the Contracting Parties
  in case of external causes, so-called force majeure (epidemic situation, war, fire, flood, weather, power failure, strike, etc.), over which the Service Provider has no control. 
9.7. Csillagom Vendégház is located in Zebegény on the hill, in a forest part, in extreme weather conditions, especially in heavy snowfall, it is conceivable that it is impossible to drive by car, it is difficult to reach. Always available on foot. If it is not possible to receive Guests due to weather conditions or other reasons outside the Service Provider, the reservation can be transferred free of charge within 3 months.


10. Guest Rights
10.1. The Guest is entitled to the intended use of the accommodation within the scope of services,
10.2. The Guest is entitled to use the equipment and tools of the accommodation.
10.3. In case of any problems during the stay, the Service Provider can be reached by phone or in writing at, the  in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.
10.4. The Guest's right to complain ceases after leaving the accommodation.


11. Obligation of the Guest
11.1. Obligation of the Guest until the date stipulated in the Contract
  to pay for the service.
11.2. Additional obligation of the Guest a
  payment for the service by payment method. The Guest may deviate from the chosen method of payment only with the prior consent of the Service Provider. If the Guest cannot pay the purchase price of the ordered service, the ordered service will be deleted from the system.
11.3. The guest is obliged to ensure that children under the age of 18 under his / her supervision are only supervised by an adult.
11.4.The Guest is obliged
  to compensate the Service Provider for the damage caused by him, his companion or the persons under his supervision.
11.5. The Guest is responsible for the data incorrectly provided during the provision of the guest data and for the damages resulting therefrom, and is obliged to
  To undertake an obligation to the Service Provider for possible erroneous performance resulting from erroneous data and to assume the consequences thereof.


1 2. Rights of the Service Provider
12.1. The Service Provider is entitled to retain the amount of 50% of the accommodation cost received for the accommodation service ordered and finalized by the Guest, but not used by the Guest.
  in accordance with the rules set out in these GTC and the Booking and Cancellation Conditions.
12.2. a 10. 1-6. In the case of the provisions of points 1 and 2, the Service Provider is entitled to refuse and terminate the accommodation service.
12.3. In case of smoking in the Guesthouse, the Service Provider is entitled to HUF 10,000
  charge a fee and a cleaning fee to the Guest.

13. Obligation and responsibility of the Service Provider
13.1. The Advertiser is obliged to investigate the Guest's complaint during his stay and take the necessary steps to address the problem.
13.2. The Service Provider is also obliged to provide the Guest with telephone contact in order to resolve any problems or questions that may have arisen during their stay.
13.3. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the price

14. The liability of the Service Provider does not extend to the following
14.1. The Guest is responsible for the electrical equipment imported by the Guest and for the damage caused by them.
14.2. the Service Provider's liability does not extend to damages caused by the Guest itself or to unavoidable damages outside the circle of guests.
14.3. The service provider is not responsible for personal belongings, valuables or cash left in the common areas or rooms of the accommodation.
14.4. The Service Provider is not responsible for the accommodation
  for valuables left in your free car park.
14.5. The Service Provider's liability does not extend to damages that occur due to force majeure, natural disaster (force majeure) or other reasons or events beyond the Service Provider's interests, for which the Service Provider cannot be held liable.

15. Booking and Payment Terms
15.1. The reservation is valid with the acceptance of the Booking and Cancellation Conditions and the GTC, after the advance payment of the payment, ie 50% of the total accommodation fee, and its confirmation.
15.2. The 50% deposit can be paid by bank transfer.
15.3. If the requested amount is not received by the specified deadline, the Service Provider's obligation to offer and service will be terminated.
15.4. Payment for the remaining ordered services can be made on the spot in cash or by transfer to the service provider's bank account before the specified date of arrival. Amount given
  until the day of arrival by the Service Provider  must be credited to your bank account.
15.5. The Service Provider is not able to accept on-site credit card payments, SZÉP cards and holiday checks.
15.6. Costs associated with using any payment method a
  It is the responsibility of the guest.


16. Cancellation Policy

16.1. The Guest is obliged to cancel the ordered accommodation and other services immediately in writing immediately  communicate with the Service Provider.
16.2. Unless otherwise specified in the Service Provider's offer, the cancellation and modification conditions of the preliminary accommodation reservation shall apply, which are the following:
Accommodation can be canceled free of charge up to 14 days before the day of arrival.
1-14 days before the date of arrival, 50% of the booking fee is a cancellation fee.
If canceled on or after the day of arrival, 100% of the total price will be charged.
The cancellation fee  will be settled and paid after the invoice is issued. The cancellation fee is based on the price specified in the confirmation. 
16.3. In the case of a Guest using a gift voucher, the voucher is considered an advance payment, which is the same  cancellation policy applies.
16.4. If the Guest - due to a reason attributable to the Accommodation Provider - is unable to take possession of the Guest House on the day of arrival or is forced to leave it before the day of departure, the Accommodation Provider will compensate the Guest. Compensation may take the form of accommodation of a similar duration and value, or a full refund of the costs already paid by the Guest.
16.5. The reservation cannot be transferred to another person. After occupying the accommodation, in case of a shorter stay or a reduction in the number of people, the full, pre-arranged and accepted accommodation fee must be paid.
16.6. The Service Provider may deviate from the conditions of cancellation and modification described above in the event of an unexpected accident or illness for the Guest, provided that the Guest immediately notifies the Service Provider of the change in its condition.
By booking (paying a deposit), the Guest acknowledges that he / she has read and accepts the terms and conditions of booking, modification and cancellation.

17. Privacy Policy
17.1. The Service Provider stores the data of the Guest in order to fulfill the contract and to prove the terms of the contract later, and is not entitled to pass them on for advertising or other purposes - without the express consent of the Guest.
17.2. In fulfilling its obligation under the Contract, the Service Provider is obliged to enforce the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest.
  The Service Provider is also obliged to act in accordance with the provisions of the relevant data protection legislation of the Act on the Right to Information Self-Determination and Freedom of Information.
17.3. The Guest acknowledges that the Service Provider is obliged to provide data to the requesting authority in accordance with the law, based on legal authorization.
17.4. The Service Provider publishes its data protection principles in a separate Privacy Statement on its website.


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