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Zebegény and its surroundings


Zebegény and its surroundings are easily accessible by all means of transport. Our guests can arrive by car, train, bicycle, on foot, or even by boat. The main and bicycle paths, as well as the train station and the village center, are within easy walking distance. On foot you can reach the guest house on a comfortable steep slope on paved sidewalks on both sides of the motorway.


Arrival by boat

The Danube Bend roundabout boat travels from Esztergom through Szob to Zebegény and back. You can get on and off at any station on the same route with a ticket redeemed on the same day. 

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By bike in the Danube Bend

The Danube Bend bicycle tour runs on the Sződliget - Zebegény route. Length 60 km. The elevation of the route is 170 m, the elevation time is 5 hours.  


Flowers and Bicycle

Weekend relaxation

The Danube shore, shops, bakery, post office, etc. they are all grouped around the center. It is important to know that most restaurants, strudel houses and breakfast places in the settlement are closed on Mondays, Tuesdays in the high season, and open on weekends in the low and high season.  Picture:

For hikers

Hikers from the picturesque Zebegény, passing through the volcanic edge mountains of South Börzsöny, climb the saddle of St. Michael's Hill and reach the Hegyes roof, from where they can admire a wonderful view. Picture and further information:



Zebiterran restaurant is located at the foot of Sárkánydomb, at number 1, Pacsirta Street, where Hungarian flavors, fish dishes, fried and grilled meats and palancets welcome visitors in a pleasant environment. They also take home delivery. We tried it and warmly recommend it to our guests. Other gastronomic places: funzine

Free beach

Zebegény also has its own sandy beach and a free beach where you can bathe the Danube.


Zebegény is located in Börzsöny, with an unmissable hiking and cycling route for visitors.

Vegetables, fruit

At the vegetable shop fresh ingredients are available from producers in the area for cooking, grilling.

Culture, art

Zebegény is an inspired localtion by artists, painters, writers, ornithologists. Visit the Szőnyi  Museum.


The Danube Bend is home to many festivals and events. Before you arrive, ask us about the current programs!

Sunflower houses

In the former main street overlooking the Danube, along the bike path, identical gentian blue farmhouses appear.

Rowing, water hiking

Canoeing and kayaking are also free on the Danube, Ipoly and Garam. If you wish, we will help you with the rental.


The church, designed by Károly Kós, a famous Hungarian architect is the central part of the village's landscape.

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