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Environmentally friendly products and solutions


Motto: Let's live today as we live tomorrow!

Breakfast from the Locals

Thanks to our dear partner, you can order high-quality farm delicacies for breakfast, in gluten- and lactose-free, as well as vegetarian versions!​ The breakfast packages are prepared for at least 2 people.  The premium quality ingredients in the box come exclusively from local producers. Breakfast arrives at the accommodation by 8:00 a.m.! The delivery is contactless, so we do not disturb the guest. The chest arrives in a pre-designated part of the guest house. For the packaging,   we use nature-friendly materials (glass, bamboo, wood), so we do not produce garbage.


What does the farmer's breakfast include? 

  • Additive-free, nitrite-free cold cuts (cured ham, salami, bacon, ribs, sausage, smoked liver)

  • Two types of farm cheese of your choice (flavored Gomolya, smoked Parenyica, aged Trappist, aged Gouda, Camembert)

  • Homemade butter

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Fresh baked goods made with long-aged wild yeast

  • Homemade sandwich cream

  • Additive-free farmer's fruit yogurt from whole milk/homemade jam in warm weather

  • Freshly squeezed, 100% producer fruit juice

For our guests who spend a longer time with us, we try to offer a varied diet so that they can taste several delicacies from our producer's breakfast!


We take care of nature. We prefer environmentally friendly products and solutions!



We want to please you with environmentally friendly perfumes. Try our handcrafted Csillag soap, made from goat's milk and natural oils, located in the Guest House.


Most of our equipment is also recycled. 
We like to show how beautiful old things are!



The house has a 700 m2 garden, which we take care of and which is available to our guests during the entire stay.  We ask our guests to take care of the integrity of plants and garden furniture. Apples, walnuts, cherries and figs can be freely picked and eaten when they are ripe.

Garbage collection

Household waste is collected selectively. If possible, plastic, paper, and metal waste should be placed in separate containers, and green waste should be placed in the compost bin at the end of the garden.


Water use

We carry the state of our environment on our hearts; please use drinking water sparingly!



The guest house is located in a resort area, so it is not possible to make noise, hold parties or events. Our guests and neighbors also want to rest and recharge, to which silence and the preservation of natural order are closely related.

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